XM, Brightness, Need, and Want

1. I just got XM radio a few days ago. My dad bought it for me in some kind of family deal (since he already has it) and had it shipped up to me. I love it! I do love my iPod, but with that, I always know all the music I'm going to be listening to. But this way, I get to learn new artists and hear new music and be exposed and grow and expand and all of that good stuff. So far I haven't fallen desperately in love with any of the new artists I have heard, but I know that will come soon enough. It is so great!!! And they don't censor any of the bad language, which is nice. I figure, if the artist put it in there, and it's part of the song, I want to hear it! Thank you XM, for letting me hear profanity.

2. My oppressive loneliness (see previous post) has lifted. It's not like anything external really changed, but somehow life has just begun to look bright again, and I feel connected to the people I love and who love me back. It also helps that I had a great weekend hanging out with friends I love and who really know me, and that my feelings for the boy I liked and was painfully obsessing over for the past couple of months have faded away (I knew after just a little while that we were completely incompatible, but I just couldn't let it go, until now. Freedom!). Plus, I got some good exercise in this week. Thank you God for seratonin.

3. I've been working on a sermon this weekend. I'm preaching at a Lenten service at my church this coming Sunday evening. I love love love exegesis, and pouring over a biblical text with markers and highlighters and pencils and making notes and connections and underlining and coming to new revelations through the text about God and life and humanity and myself. There really are few things I love more in the whole world. And the greatest part is that it was this kind of ambiguous text (Luke 4:14-30) that after reading a couple times I was like, what the hell is Jesus talking about here? And that's the best kind--because then I can go in and explore and find and discover and question and realize. It's so so fun. And I feel like I have seen some really cool things in the text, and feel like what that text is saying really matters. And if I'm going to be preaching on it, I guess that's a good place to be. I'm excited!

4. Feel free to send some prayers in the direction of my family. My step-father has been really struggling healthwise lately, and tonight he had a big stroke and was taken by ambulance to the ER. He will likely have open heart surgery (for the 3rd time in his life) this week, and it's risky and I think he's scared (who wouldn't be?). And as an only child, it's a lot of emotional burden on me, which is not shared, so it's kind of rough.

5. In other news...the countdown to Patty Griffin is ON! Next Tuesday night is the concert. Uh oh, I just had a thought. I'm a little anxious that maybe the surgery would be next Tuesday and I'd have to skip the concert. Yes, I know, what a selfish thought...but still, I really hope I don't have to miss the show.

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Blogger rachelerin said...

I am so glad to hear the oppressive loneliness has lifted. YEAH! And I am sending prayers your way for you and your step-dad

12:19 PM  

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